the last waltz

(für Falko)

There ´s a man in a park,
sitting there on a wall,
feeling free for a moment of joy.
Sun is shining in his face,
after days´of umbrages.
That´s the cause to struggle for life.

Close your eyes, see the sky
and feel life going by
so I´m sure you will know
when it´s time to go.
I see my friend in blue dress,
seeing clouds passing high,
he´s telling nobody
his secret to die.

It´s no problem to stop everything
only time is running still.
The beat of your heart
brings you closer to the dark
and the band is playing
the last waltz to part.

Close your eyes,
see the sky and remember
your friends passing by.
Keep them in your mind
that´s the only way
they will not die.

written by Volker Merschky and Simone Pfaff