Skin Deep Magazin (UK) issue 190 (CD-Rezension, September 2010)

As with Volko and Simone´s art the debut Dobbs Dead album may not be
for everyone but if you can get your head around what they are trying
to achieve, over time, many secrets will unfold from this little gem.
Being more or less totally acoustically based, Volko will take you down
a very dark road if you choose to follow. For fans of artistis like
Willard Grant Conspiracy, Midlake and Efterklang the understanding
will come easy as Volko lyrically travels a parallel path. Haunting,
heartfelt and dramatically understated.

The sole power of the album comes from the poetic/lyrical capability.

Volko and Simone wearing their hearts on their sleeves will
surely be a sight to behold. Meantime, each subsequent listen to
the album brings new dimensions. It´s like digging earth –
whenever i go back to it, I swear it delivers a song I didn´t hear
the last time. Dobbs Dead are an acquired taste thats´s for sure,
but one that I can´t get out of my mouth.
If Bob Dylan composed a soundtrack for a Dario Argento movie,
it may sound a lot like this.

written by Sion Smith